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Safe and tempered – advantages of your storage boxes at Citylagerhaus


It’s that easy to rent a selfstorage ox on a citylagerhaus


Storage boxes offer various advantages:
First and foremost, however, is the flexibility factor. The contract is only concluded on site, so that a suitable unit is guaranteed to be found. Short notice periods and a flexible rental period also ensure that no long-term contractual commitment is required. The storage boxes themselves are dry, frost-protected, heated, which may be necessary for your storage plans. There is also the security aspect. Basements in apartment buildings in particular are often affected by burglaries. A rented storage box, on the other hand, offers the greatest possible security:

Burglar alarm system in the outside area as well as in the inside area
Alarm-secured rental units
Air humidity controllers regulate the air humidity
Smoke detectors and secure access to the building with PIN code

Citylagerhaus is your competent and professional contact for your individual requirements.

Rent easily, quickly and reliably your needs-oriented storage room without waiting times!

And what fits in my storage box?

Many think that they can hardly put their household in such a small storage box. Practice shows that the capacities of the storage units are regularly underestimated: only 5 to 6 square meters are required on average to store the household items of a 50 square meter apartment. Your advantage: Even if you are unsure about the size of a suitable storage box, this is not a problem. The rental contract is only concluded on site, so that if the storage box is reserved too large or too small, you can also switch to a more suitable size to accommodate everything without having to pay too much.

Your storage boxes at Citylagerhaus – Secure, clean and dry!

Do you have any questions?
Or you would like to make an appointment to take a look at a storage box?
We are here for you !

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Location Neumünster: 04321/ 690 19 80

Mail: info@citylagerhaus.de

With Citylagerhaus it’s as simple as this:

Call our employees to make an appointment at your nearest location and visit the Citylagerhaus, where you can select a box size. Rental is quick and uncomplicated and you can start using it immediately!

Our opening times:

Mon – Sat: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM or by telephone arrangement
Sun: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or by telephone arrangement