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Our Citylagerhaus system – price and performance guarantee:

Citylagerhaus has the right storage space for your individual needs.
Be it short term intermediate storage or a long term storage space – we have room for you!
Secure, clean & dry!

RENTING in the Citylagerhaus is that easy

What fits im which box?

Starting at 2 m², storage areas are available in various sizes:

To illustrate this, we have prepared a few graphics for you here. This way you can better estimate how much you can store in the respective box sizes.



Size of storage the box Approx. room size Approx. number of moving boxes Approx. number of lever Arch folgers Approx. number of transit val loads (3,5t) Rental price € per month
2 m² ca. 20 m² ca. 75 ca. 500 ca. 0,5 Sprinter 65,00 €
4 m² ca. 40 m² ca. 150 ca. 1000 ca. 1 Sprinter 95,00 €
8 m² ca. 75 m² ca. 250 ca. 1500 ca. 1,5 Sprinter 165,00 €
12 m² ca. 100 m² ca. 400 ca. 2000 ca.  2 Sprinter 195,00 €

(For business customers, 19% VAT must be added to the prices)



The minimum contract period is 2 months. It is a rolling contract with a 1 month notice period.
No deposit required.

We do not insure your stored items. You must notify your insurer about storage in the Citylagerhaus. This can be done by telephone.

The rental price is due immediately after signing the contract . You can conveniently pay on site using an EC cash machine. The remaining rental payments must be paid by SEPA direct debit.

If your storage space requirements change during the term of the contract, you can move to a bigger or smaller storage space at any time. Rent that has already been paid will be offset accordingly.

We would be pleased to provide file shelving or heavy load shelving in your storage facility if requested!



Do you have any questions?
Or you would like to make an appointment to take a look at a storage box?
We are here for you !

Location Flensburg: 0461/ 95 704 470

Location Neumünster: 04321/ 690 19 80

Mail: info@citylagerhaus.de

With Citylagerhaus it’s as simple as this:

Call our employees to make an appointment at your nearest location and visit the Citylagerhaus, where you can select a box size. Rental is quick and uncomplicated and you can start using it immediately!

Our opening times:

Mon – Sat: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM or by telephone arrangement
Sun: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or by telephone arrangement