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Citylagerhaus is your capable and professional contact partner for your individual needs.

The advantages of Citylagerhaus at a glance:

  • clean and dry storage facilities adapted to your individual needs
  • fenced-in and alarmed premises
  • flexible terms without long contract obligations
  • capable, specialised personnel
  • free use of trolleys and pallet trucks on site
  • you have exclusive access to your storage space
  • available at all times, can be cancelled at any time
  • prices to suit your requirements and comprehensive service
  • secured premises

Renting your own needs-specific storage space is quick, easy and reliable, and there’s no waiting time! We would be pleased to provide file shelving or heavy load shelving in your storage facility if requested!

Are you a doctor – lawyer – tax consultant – a craft business?

You can securely store your business items and sensitive documents at Citylagerhaus!

Be it for the storage of trade fair equipment, goods, products, furniture, machinery, tools or files – Citylagerhaus provides you with individual storage solutions, requirement-specific rental periods and flexible contracts for your commercial stored goods:

  • If you want full flexibility and are not prepared to take on long-term rental contracts. Warehouse use
    Due to lack of space in your law firm or doctor’s office, you are looking for a professional, safe and accessible solution for storing your files.
  • If you need short-term storage space for your trade fair equipment or event technology. Warehouse use
    You have the opportunity to shop cheaply, but you lack storage options.
  • If you’re looking for requirement-specific storage space for your company. Warehouse use
    You are a pharmacist, you are expanding and suddenly you need more space to store your medicines and pharmaceutical products.
  • If you need storage space which can be increased and decreased in line with seasonal demand. Warehouse use
    You need space for storing your seasonal decorations or your summer or winter goods.
  • If you’re looking for an easily accessible and secure place to store files, marketing materials and sensitive documents. Warehouse use
    The premises of your law firm or doctor’s office will be renovated and your facility will need short-term storage.
  • If you’re looking for long-term, secure, diligent, clean and dry storage for your valuable business documents, confidential contracts and documents. Warehouse use
    You are a lawyer, doctor or pharmacist and are looking for a storage option for your current business documents, confidential documents and files and want to reduce the space and costs of your file archiving.

Our services for practices and law firms:

City practices and law forms store their files off site in order to use the space for customers or other equipment. We help out here with free shelving systems and by taking care of the entire logistics of the move!

Your storage boxes at Citylagerhaus are secure, clean and, dry – perfect for doctors, lawyers, tax advisers, pharmacists, online businesses and trade companies

Secure and dry storage of private property and furniture

The individual reasons and causes for needing more storage space are as varied as the requirements for the storage space itself: sometimes a lot of space is required, sometimes less, sometimes you need short-term storage and sometimes you need longer term storage.

Citylagerhaus offers you made-to-measure solutions:

  • If you’re renovating your house and need temporary storage space for your furniture and personal items. Lagernutzung
    You have water damage or a damp cellar and want to keep your private property dry.
  • If you’re moving house and need a suitable storage space for intermediate storage. Warehouse use
    They bring two households together and do not want to separate from any private objects.
  • If you don’t have a cellar or attic for storing personal items. Warehouse use
    You need storage space to store your seasonal items such as skis, bicycles, surfboards, diving equipment or boat accessories.
  • If you don’t want to part from old items but need the space. Warehouse use
    Your valuable collection takes up too much space and you are looking for a clean and safe place to keep it.
  • If you need a secure and clean place to store personal items and valuables. Warehouse use
    You are renovating your house or apartment and need temporary storage space.
  • If you want to create more space in your home. Warehouse use
    You are renovating your house or apartment and need temporary storage space.
  • If you’re planning a long trip abroad. Warehouse use
    For professional reasons, you have to change your place of residence at short notice for a certain period of time and look for space for your furniture and furnishings.
  • If you’re looking for somewhere to store your sports equipment or seasonally dependent items, such as skis, sailboats or surfboards Warehouse use
    There is no space in your garage to store your winter and summer tires.

Rent your affordable, individually adapted storage space without waiting – it’s child’s play!

Your storage boxes at Citylagerhaus – secure, clean, dry – perfect for freeing up space in your cellar

Do you have any questions?
Or you would like to make an appointment to take a look at a storage box?
We are here for you !

Location Flensburg: 0461/ 95 704 470

Location Neumünster: 04321/ 690 19 80

Mail: info@citylagerhaus.de

With Citylagerhaus it’s as simple as this:

Call our employees to make an appointment at your nearest location and visit the Citylagerhaus, where you can select a box size. Rental is quick and uncomplicated and you can start using it immediately!

Our opening times:

Mon – Sat: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM or by telephone arrangement
Sun: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or by telephone arrangement